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Whole Body Vibrations - FAQ's

Is Whole Body Vibration (WBV) training credible?

The Russians have been using it since before the fall of the Berlin Wall to strengthen their athletes. In Europe it is widely used in Gyms, by Sporting Teams and by Physiotherapists. The Freo Dockers, Port Adelaide and Collingwood have all used WBV as part of their rehabilitation and conditioning programs.

What frequencies does Hypervibe use?
The Galileo starts at 6 Hz and goes up to 28Hz. That means at 5 Hz your muscles are contracting and relaxing 5 times per second. 26 Hz as this has been found to be most effective for fast twitch muscle to develop increased power. That means your muscles are contracting and relaxing about 1,800 times per minute.

How long do I have to use WBV is any one session to get a benefit?
You will notice benefits almost straight away; often after 1 minute we can note changes. A full work out takes 5 – 10 minutes. This work out will be fully functional and can be used as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with other strength training. For time poor individuals this can be a significant bonus. This work out can be made more or less intense by changing your foot position or by adding weights.

Do I need to do complicated or difficult exercises to gain any benefit?
No. We advise any exercise you do on the WBV to be functional in nature. We require strength in functional positions and so we should strengthen in these positions. Some people just like to stand on the platform. Others perform squats, lunges, jumps, running, golf shots etc. It depends on your needs and we can assist you with ways to maximise your gains.

Can I exercise all my muscles on the Hypervibe?
Yes. The vibration does not discriminate different muscle groups, eg. quadriceps and hamstrings. They both work together on the Galileo. The vibration is highest closest to the plate and will dampen as it travels up the body. For arm strengthening we place the hands on the plate and just as with the legs can hold a static position or you can perform an active exercise such as a push-up.

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